Jason Dietz Marchant / Dance Artist




  Jason Dietz Marchant is originally from Canada. He moved to the United States in 1992 to complete his university education, graduating from the University of Michigan, and later moving to New York City where he continues to live today. In New York Mr. Dietz Marchant works as an independent dance artist exploring the form through choreography, performance, improvisation and teaching.

All his choreographic work is in collaboration with long time partner Lindsey Dietz Marchant. In recent years he and Ms. Dietz Marchant have focused on creating dance strictly using the solo and duet form. From this exploration they have created shorter works, Quieting (2001), Sorry, No Subtitles (2003), and Any Given Day (2004), as well as receiving commissions for new work from New York City producing organizations Danspace Project, Inflatable Man, Evaporating Woman (2007), and Dance New Amsterdam, half of the room (2008).

This work has been supported by many organisations in New York where it has been performed at Danspace Project (2007), Dance New Amsterdam (2008), DanceNowNYC (2006 -2008), La La MaMa E.T.C.(2006) Williamsburg Arts Nexus (2001,2002), Joyce Soho (2001), Dixon Place (2000, 2005, 2006) Estrogenious (2006), The Flea (2003), Actor’s Theater Workshop (2002,2003), and Chashama (2002). Outside New York, his work has been supported by The University of Michigan (1996, 1997, 2006, 2008), Dancehouse Melbourne, Australia (2006), University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia (2006) and by the International Computer Music Conference (1996).

Currently Mr. Dietz Marchant is in a period of artistic research both theoretical and physical. He is allowing himself to be in a period filled with many more questions than there are answers, as he looks to new performance work that will require more than one or two performers as well as using the forms of writing, video, and audio recording to explore his ideas separate from future live performance work.

Mr. Dietz Marchant has performed for choreogeographers Curt Haworth (2007), Janis Brenner (2004-2007), Tami Stronach (2000-2007), Wendy Osserman (2001-2007), Isabel Gotzkowsky (2004-2006), Kate Weare (2006), Carolyn Dorfman (2004-2006), Neta Pulvermacher (200-2004), Dean Moss (2000-2002), Daniel Gwirtzman (1998-2002), Walter Thompson (1999-2001), Leese Walker (2000-2005), Peter Sparling (1996-1998), Alan Good (2004), Aiden Treays (2006), Amy Chavasse (2008), and Monica Bill Barnes (2006).

He taught technique and composition at the University of Michigan as a guest artist and lecturer (1996-1998,2008) and continues to teach as part of the Modern Guest Artists Series at Dance New Amsterdam.